Below is a list of opportunities that we are currently looking to fill. 

If you are interested in any of the positions below, please contact Shayla Hudson.

  • Grant Writer

    - Highly experienced in identifying and targeting grants for non-profit and/or religious organizations.

    - Expert experience in grant writing in the non-profit space.

    - Understands the logistics, operations, and needs of small business and/or religious organizations.

    - Formerly held a role as "Director of Development" for a small business or non-profit organization.

    - Identify and develop strategic and beneficial partnerships for the church.

  • Real Estate Broker - Commercial

    - Highly knowledgeable in commercial real estate within the Chicagoland area.

    - Has a strong understanding of future real estate market trends and can advise appropriately on proactive actions.

    - Experienced in negotiating commercial real estate purchases.

    - Possess established connects within the Chicago commercial real estate market.

    - Can assist with financing related to commercial real estate purchases. 

  • Commercial Banker

    - Research and target potential properties for a new facility.

    - Identify and execute on lines of credit and/or other financing opportunities for a new facility.

    - Understand the preparation process for various property purchases.

    - Identify banking institutions and other funding sources based on the property need. 

  • Community Activist

    - Actively involved in community affairs in the city of Chicago.

    - Highly aware of the politics, events, and movements related to activism in the city.

    - Identify areas and causes where the church should be engaged as an organization.